Herringbone Tile Patio Makeover: Fernandina Beach, Florida

This herringbone Tile Patio makeover in Fernandina Beach, Florida really improves this homeowners outdoor living area.

In January of 2023, our homeowner in Fernandina beach, Florida called us with a request for a new tile patio, but not just ANY tile but ANTIQUE CHICAGO BRICK.

As a professional landscape architect, our homeowner has a lot of experience in what an incredible outdoor space looks like. She was unhappy with the unfinished look of the existing concrete pad. There was originally an inoperable spa in the space and her vision was to use this antique Chicago brick (link) laid in a herringbone pattern.

She was in search of a company that could achieve her vision and work with her in a collaborative manner to accomplish her concept of a beautiful outdoor space.

Our homeowner called us, we set up an on-site consultation where we walked and talked about the project.

We were thrilled to be selected for the project.

As you can see from the photos below, when we showed up in early February of 2023, the site was a very unspectacular concrete pad, like you may have at your home right now.

The trick with these patio floors, especially in a herringbone pattern, is to get everything laid out correctly and where we want it prior to setting any material. In the photo below we are dry-laying the brick to figure out where all of the cuts will be.

Although this is technically brick, we will classify it as tile, because we set this as you would any other tile.

We used thin set, which is the glue, to stick it to the concrete.

When we were setting this brick you could tell it was extremely OLD.

These bricks were made by the Illinois Brick Company and they were stamped as such.

We did some research to find that the Illinois Brick Company was founded in 1906, so the bricks were over 100 years old!

It felt good to repurpose a piece of history.

We remember the project fondly, as the weather was beautiful, and it was pleasant to be working outside on a project like this.

This project was also a challenge because we had to deal with water drainage. We installed an NDS French drain and leveled some areas in order to ensure proper water drainage.

If you live in Florida, you know you don’t want to have problems with water!

This was right up our alley, as we love a challenge.

20+ years in the business has given us the experience to pull off a job like this to a high level.

From start to finish this project took around 8 days.

It was truly a joy to bring our homeowners vision to life.

These are the type of projects that we started our company, Florida Mud Masters Tile, and Home Renovations to be a part of.

Maybe you have an unsightly, drab, unattractive patio. Well, we can help you with that. In fact, we would be honored to build you an incredible new tile patio.

The outdoor patio is a space where memories are made and we like the idea of being a part of that, in our own small way.

We are confident in saying your new patio will be the nicest in the neighborhood. Not only that, we can assure you a smooth and problem free patio improvement.

Our homeowner was so happy with what we accomplished and left us a wonderful testimonial that you can see below.

We would like to thank her for her confidence in us and she has EXCELLENT taste, if we may say so ourselves! 😊

My name is Mike and I would like to invite you to give us a call at 904-267-3188.

Thanks for looking and we hope to hear from you soon.

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